The First InterACTive EBook for Mums

Who are ready to take ACTion in their Fitness and Mindset


  • ​Simple, easy to follow and straight to the point information on developing a long-term fitness habit.

  • 8 Mindset Activities and Corresponding Worksheets

  • 7 Short, Fun and Effective Workouts you can do at home

  • Designed Specifically for Mums who are Busy, Tired and Overwhelmed by the Overload of Information out there.

  • Links to videos of all 7 Workouts

  • All broken down into 5 Key Steps to simplify making a long term fitness habit.

I wish I got this book before I spent all my money on 'programs' and 'diets'. The reality is I needed to fix my mindset first, and this book made it SO straightforward and easy!


Mum of three

I feel like you are right there guiding me and chatting to me. The tasks are simple and managable and not overwhelming.


Mum of two boys

This book is amazing, very easy to understand and its not asking me to be perfect tomorrow or even next week! It is setting the foundations of lasting change. Even if I have a bad day and my mind slips back into chaos I can come back to the activities and get back on track. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make lasting change. Thank you for the tools to help me achieve the mindset I dream about


Mum of two

This book is a great resource for anyone who is wanting to cement new habits to improve themselves. There are wonderful activities that help change your mindset and it guides you into building new productive habits. It helps you dig deep and really figure out your why, so you can change for good. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend.


Mum of one


Emily Smith

NLP & TLT Practitioner

Intuitive Hypnotherapist

Speaker & Educator

Sold Out Coach

Mum of Two

I've written this book to create an affordable resource for ALL Mums.


The mindset strategies and workouts you will learn from this book will give you all the tools you need to implement a successful, long term fitness habit in your life.


You can now access the same strategies I have used with Mums all over the world, in this first time offered interACTive ebook.

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