Make It Happen Mindset Course

Learn Science Based Strategies to Creating Long Term Changes...

If you do what you've always'll keep getting the same results!

Do you feel frustrated, self-conscious, guilty or anxious more often than you would like to?


Are you finding excuses and procrastination are more common that action?


You KNOW what you need to do to get results in your life, but for some reason can't STICK to it?


I can tell you WHY.


You've been focusing on ACTION, rather than internal work.


Yes, you do need to take action to make changes. But all actions start with a thought. You cannot open a door without first thinking 'I need to open that door to walk through it.'


So if all you focus on is ACTION, you will get results for a short amount of time until your thoughts take over and you don't manage them... and BOOM.. self sabotage, guilt, feelings of uselessness. 


You won't like that feeling! So you'll give up. And be back to square one again.


It's time to CHANGE the way we look at setting goals and kicking them! THIS is the course you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN in your MINDSET.

    • 7 Modules with Videos and Workbook to go through at your own pace. (3-4 Hours Total Time Recommended)

    • ​Learn simple, easy to follow Neuro Linguistic Programming strategies to uplevel any area of your life.

    • Release self limiting beliefs and create space for new ideas.

    • Let go of feelings of judgement, self-consciousness, guilt, anxiety and other un-resourceful emotions.

    • Write meaningful goals and discover how you can make them happen.

    • Practice effective methods of living in the present moment.

    Here's what others had to say about this course...

    Fiona M.

    What a groundbreaking and simple technique NLP seems to be, just what us mum's need. I felt like a huge unnecessary weight had been lifted and I feel I have some simple and completely do able tools to help myself live the life I want and need for my family. 

    Katrina N.

    This provided me with a process to declutter my hectic mind enabling me to prioritise my goals.

    Katie S.

    I left Emily’s workshop with a sense of focus and renewed confidence in my ability to achieve my goals.


    Emily Smith

    Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Timeline Therapist, Personal Trainer, Mum of Two.

    Hi there! I am Emily.. your course host.


    I am an advocate for improving mental and physical health in women, after my own journey in these areas.


    As a NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist, Personal Trainer, Teacher and Mum of 2 I have learnt numerous effective strategies that I use with my clients all over the world to help them obtain results in all areas of their lives.


    If you have any queries, please contact me on


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